Dec 3, 2013

Pecan Butter Balls - Baci al Burro e Noci di Pecan

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Recipe from the Book: "The Christmas Cookie Club" by Ann Pearlman.
With the courtesy of A. Pearlman

Chapter 1: Marnie

01 Dec. 2011
This afternoon I made 5 dozen of cookie balls and cleaned up the kitchen in less than two hours. Easy to make and not many ingredients are required.
My personal "taste-opinion": I have to admit that I've found the first cookie a bit too salty. Not later than the second one I've started to like its "sweet & salty" taste left on my tongue and now...: it's: HEAVEN on EARTH. Bake them! and you'll see what I mean.

Comments left on my facebook page:
Josefina T.H.:  I became today a proud tester of the Cookies. I have to be honest with you and I hope you are not disappointed... There was NO WAY I would share them with anybody, I tried one first and my intention was to give the rest to my family, but I couldn't... I hid them and ate them later all alone!!! , they were just great!!!! I loved them!!! Thank you very much!!!  01 Dec. 2011, 23.32 

Andrea L.:  They were fabulous! Just the right mix of salty & sweet. Hubby even said they reminded him of popcorn. Totally delicious & something I'll try. 02 Dec. 2011, 14.36 

Ann Pearlan: My favorite! A cookie my grandmother taught me to bake and the one that most seems like the holidays to me. 01 Feb. 2012,  2.36

Ingredients for 5 dozen: 
2 cups (200 g) chopped pecans
2 cups (280 g) flour
1 cup (225 g) melted butter
1/2 cup (110 g) sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoons salt
confectioner’s sugar

- Chop pecans in blender or food processor. 
- Combine all except confectioner’s sugar. 
- Gather into a ball. 
- With floured hands, shape in one inch balls and bake on ungreased cookie sheet.  
- I line my cookie sheets with wax paper or parchment paper and spray them with Pam.  
- Bake in 325 degree oven for 20 minutes.  
- Pull off the papers and let cookies cool, but make sure they’re still warm and gently shake them in bag with confectioners. 
- Place them back on the paper and add more confectioners while they cool.  Makes five dozen.

Capitolo 1: Marnie

01 Dic. 2011 
Ho preparato 5 dozzine di biscotti e ripulito la cucina in meno di due ore. Sono facilissimi da fare e non necessitano di troppi ingredienti. Il mio giudizio: devo ammettere che quando ho assaggiato il primo biscotto, l'ho trovato un po' troppo salato. Poi ne è seguito un secondo e dopo una "valutazione più attenta (ahah) il contrasto "dolce-salato" era piacevole... Ed ora, sono il finimondo! Provateli e capirete! :-) 

Ingredienti per 5 dozzine:
200 g noci di Pecan
280 g di farina 00
225 g di burro fuso
110 g di zucchero
10 ml d'estratto di vaniglia
1/4 cucchiaino di sale
zucchero a velo

- Preriscaldare il forno a 165°C.
- Tritare le noci di Pecan nel robot da cucina.
- Mescolare assieme tutti gli ingredienti, tranne lo zucchero a velo e formare una palla con l'impasto. 
- Con le mani infarinate formare delle palline di circa 2.5 cm e cuocere su una teglia non imburrata (io, A. Pearlman, ricopro la teglia con carta da forno sprayata di Pam).
- Cuocere nel forno per 20 -22 min.
- Sfornare i biscotti e sempre sulla carta da forno, trasferirli su una griglia e lasciar raffreddare leggermente. 
- ANCORA CALDI metterli in una busta contenente zucchero a velo e scuotere dolcemente.
- Riporli nuovamente sulla carta da forno e cospargerli con altro zucchero a velo e lasciare raffreddare completamente.

Ricetta tratta dal libro: the Christmas Cookie Club di Ann Pearlman. Con il gentile permesso di A. Pearlman.

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