Nov 27, 2013

FEEDSPOT...ted!!!? Is Feedspot stealing my blog content?!!!


Review: 27.11.2013: On 16.10.2013 they removed my blog from Feedspot as I agreed to remove this post from my blog. A couple of week later, my blog was on Feedspot again...So here I am!
Today I’ve received an email from a website named Feedspot and I'd like to share it with you.

"Hi Sweet and That's it,
My name is Anuj. I'm Founder of Feedspot - A Google Reader replacement with built-in Search and Sharing features.
We recently launched Feedspot and got reviewed by TechCrunch.
I'm writing this to let you know that your blog 'Sweet and That's it' has started getting new followers on Feedspot. You can view your blog and its followers on Feedspot from here. If you need detailed monthly/yearly analytics on how your blog is performing on Feedspot, please let me know.
As your blog is adding value to Feedspot, I'd like to give you one year Feedspot Premium subscription for free. Please use sweetandthatsit@hotmail.com_Feedspot as promocode to enable your annual subscription.

I’ve checked this mysterious page only to find out that they had ENTIRELY copied all my posts and pictures. 
Sad but true, Feedspot does not linkback to my blog but displays my whole blog content on their page, like a "parallel world".

I have contacted them and asked them to immediately remove my blog from their page and I am awaiting response. 
After a short research in google I've found tons of people who are suffering the same "mistreatment".

Tonight, in order (to try) to protect my content, I've changed my "feed settings" to short, hoping that this won't have a negative side-effect on my blog or on my subscribers.

Please, if you are reading this via Feedspot, I’d really appreciate if you’d start following me on my original blog and NOT VIA FEEDSPOT, who has copied all my contents without asking permission. This is sooo "NO NETIQUETTE"!!
♥ Thank you ♥

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