Sep 8, 2013

Homemade Ginger Syrup, Ginger Sugar & Candied Ginger - Sciroppo di Zenzero, Zucchero Aromatizzato allo Zenzero e Zenzero Candito Fatti in Casa

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I'm so glad I'd bought that wonderful huge chunk of fresh ginger root last Friday, because tonight, for the first time, I've ginger-ized my kitchen! "Candied Ginger, Ginger Sugar and Ginger Syrup" were ready within one hour: fantastic!
I can see myself fishing out ginger candies from the jar and enjoying their tangy spicy taste in my mouth (a kick when I feel sleepy!), or rolling cookie dough in the aromatised sugar or pouring the syrup into... into... into what? 
Well, that's a secret I will reveal on September 13th... Come back to find out. That's all I can say for now ;-) ... In the meantime enjoy this recipe and get some ginger syrup ready.
Update: I've used the ginger syrup to make the Sûkerbôlle Bread.

Sono così felice d’aver comprato venerdì scorso quel meraviglioso pezzettone di radice di zenzero: questa sera, per la prima volta, ho zenzeri-zzato la mia cucina! "Zenzero candito, zucchero aromatizzato allo zenzero e sciroppo di zenzero", tutti pronti in meno di un’ora: fantastico!
Mi vedo già, pescar fuori dal vasetto lo zenzero candito e godermi il suo sapore pungente e piccante (una scossa per quando sono assonnata!), oppure rotolare la pasta dei biscotti nello zucchero aromatizzato, o ancora versare lo sciroppo nel… nel… dove? 
Beh, questo per il momento resta un segreto. Un segreto che vi svelerò il 13 settembre ... Tornate a trovarmi per scoprirlo, poiché questo è quanto posso dirvi per ora ;-)  
Nel frattempo, godetevi questa ricetta e preparate lo sciroppo di zenzero.
Update: ho utilizzato lo sciroppo di zenzero per preparare il Pane di Zucchero "Sûkerbôlle".

Ingredients for 1/3 cup (80ml) of ginger syrup
1/2 cup (110 g) raw cane sugar
1/2 cup (110 g) water
50 g (1.76 oz) peeled and sliced ginger

sugar to cover the candied ginger and to fill its jar.

The syrup
In a saucepan combine the sugar, the water and the sliced ginger (picture 1).
Stir and bring to boil over medium heat until the sugar has completely dissolved.
Then reduce the heat, bring to a simmer, and stirring from time to time, cook for 40-50 minutes or until the liquid has reduced by its 1/2 (picture 2).
Remove from saucepan the heat, let cool a bit and strain the ginger through a sieve into a glass jar. Before refrigerating, let it cool completely.

The Sugar & Candied Ginger:
Place the ginger slices onto parchment paper and when they are cold, pour some sugar into a plate and roll the slices in it (picture 3).
Pour sugar and sliced ginger into a jar and fill with more sugar. Shake well (picture 4).

When you wish to have a candied sugar, fish it out and enjoy.
When you wish to have some ginger sugar, spoon it out. Refill the jar with some fresh sugar as it will get gingerized as well (ps: this trick won't last forever! You'll have to make fresh candied ginger in order to have more sugar).

Recipe adapted from Cookie Baker Lynn, whom I send a huge THANK YOU!

Ingredienti per 80 ml di sciroppo di zenzero
110 g di zucchero di canna greggio
110 g di acqua
50 g di zenzero pelato e a fettine sottili

Zucchero per coprire lo zenzero candito e riempire il suo vasetto 

Lo sciroppo
In una casseruola unire lo zucchero, l'acqua e lo zenzero affettato (foto 1).
A fuoco medio, portare a ebollizione e mescolare fino a quando lo zucchero non sia completamente sciolto.
Abbassare la fiamma e mescolando di tanto in tanto, mantenere il bollore. Cuocere lo sciroppo per 40-50 minuti (il liquido si sarà ridotto delle metà circa) (foto 2).
Togliere dal fuoco e lasciar raffreddare un pochino. Poi versare lo sciroppo attraverso un setaccio in un barattolo di vetro e lasciarlo raffreddare completamente prima di metterlo nel frigorifero.

Lo Zucchero Aromatizzato e lo Zenzero Candito:
Far raffreddare le fettine di zenzero su carta pergamena o su una griglia.
Poi versare dello zucchero in un piatto fondo e rotolarci lo zenzero (foto 3).
Versare il tutto in un vasetto e riempire con altro zucchero. Agitare bene (foto 4).
Desiderate dello zucchero candito? Prelevatene un pezzettino dal vasetto.

Desiderate dello zucchero aromatizzato allo zenzero? Prelevatene dal vasetto e aggiungete altro zucchero fresco, il quale si aromatizzerà anche lui (nb: questo trucchetto non durerà all'infinito. Dovrete preparare nuovamente dello zenzero candito per aver altro zucchero aromatizzato). 

Un grande grazie a Cookie Baker Lynn. Dal suo blog ho tratto e adattato questa squisita ricetta.

I've submitted this recipe to: 
Made with Love Mondays, hosted by Javelin Warrior

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  1. Hmm...sounds like a syrup I'll have to make for presents this year!

    1. This is such a brilliant idea, yummychunklet.

  2. Oh, yes! With that we can fight all those nasty sicknesses coming up at winter!

    1. We could add that wonderful sugar to our coffees on Friday, Kate ;-)

  3. I've just made the syrup. Very sticky and thick and yummie ... All ready for the 13th!!

    1. Fantastic, Claire!
      I keep going back and forth between kitchen and living room to snack on candied ginger: it's the best I've ever tasted. I must be immune to any viruses by now ;-)

  4. Carola, very intriguing use of ginger - I have never attempted to make ginger sugar or syrup or crystallized ginger, it all sounds wonderful. These lovely things would all make wonderful foodie gifts for those ginger lovers!
    Hope your daughter had a wonderful 9th birthday and you had a great day at the zoo in Zurich!
    I looked at both your baking groups, you are certainly a devoted blogger and baker, respect, my dear! If only I had the time to join and bake more bread - I will think about it though...
    Noch eine schöne Woche, liebe Carola!

    1. Andrea,
      Du solltest es unbedingt probieren, wenn du Ingwehr gerne hast.
      I'd never thought that homemade candied ginger could be sooo much better (and hotter!) than the one I usually buy... Shame on me! I should have known it by now: homemade is always better ;-)

  5. Wow, so many delicious uses of a piece of ginger root! I love ginger in just about any form and each of these different versions would be useful in cooking and baking...

    1. They are indeed, Javelin. Absolutely delicious.


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