Aug 6, 2017

Low Carb Zucchini Roulade - Rotolo alle Zucchine Low Carb

    English / Italiano (traduzione segue prossimamente)

Last night, my lovely neighbour Alexandra gave me some huge zucchetti she had grown in her garden and today I have prepared a low carb recipe to honour her wonderful present
The timing was perfect, as I had just finished preparing 6 litres of low fat homemade yogurt (about 1.5% fat) and I strained some to make cream cheese, which I mixed up with freshly chopped chives.
Not to underestimate that 1/3 of this roulade makes a great Cicle 1 meal or snack according to the 17-day diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.
NB: this recipe is so versatile that you can add more or less parmesan, herbs and spices. Just adapt it to your taste. Same thing for the filling: you can use whatever you wish and it will still taste great.
Let me know, how you made it.

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