Jul 5, 2014

Association AVO-BENIN (Aid to Widows and Orphans in Benin Republic)

AVO-Benin: Aiuto alle vedove e orfani nella Repubblica del Benin
    Aides aux Veuves et aux Orphelins du Bénin

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Why and how Mr. Henri Dah-Gbeto started this wonderful project:
Benin is a poor country and particularly affected by AIDS and malaria. These diseases, add the misery to the poverty, leaving thousands of orphans left to themselves. These children, especially AIDS orphans, live in a very precarious and an immense solitude. Powerless over these many problems, the orphans join the street to find their livelihoods ... And unfortunately many seniors, to avoid this, scarify themselves by abandoning school before the time to care for the younger; they seek income-generating activities to ensure their survival. They become dropouts and most of the time street children.

Faced with all this, I took out of compassion, the decision to be with these orphaned children to help them out of their misery:
- Assist small children learn by offering everything needed (school supplies, clothes, foods, pocket money, ...)
- Put the young apprentices with employer’s workshop to learn a trade in order to support themselves.
- Helping widows to engage in gainful employment that allows them to take responsibility and bear the family expenses.

These actions support go hand in hand with those of protection and monitoring of orphan children and their mothers, in a spirit of generosity and to empower them.
It is obvious that I cannot do this alone. I invite you who have a heart for children and poor women of my country, I invite you to join me in this charitable work by sharing our assets with those poor people waiting for the manifestation of our generosity.
I await your right decision.


Name of Association: AVO-BENIN (Aid to Widows and Orphans in Benin Republic)
Address: Bohicon 1, Zou, Benin Republic, 02BP: 733 Bohicon 
Tel. 95763410/68909647
E-mail: avodubenin@gmail.com
Website: www.avobenin.org

Our target: (beneficiaries) 
* Orphans, street children, poor children or poor;
* The widows, the poor and idle women.
* The less privileged in society.

Our major actions: 
1 - Support for orphans and vulnerable children and poor women
Poor orphans are registered and supported by our association. We help 205 children in Benin. We also help poor women and widows to lead an income generating activity to take charge and become economically independent. Our performers are regular monitoring of children in care. Our psychologist cares for children with special problems. In short, we strive for quality care. You are invited to support us financially in this social work. Give us a one-time donation. Or, do you want to sponsor a child?

2 - Sponsorship of needy children for school education or learning business
Many orphans and destitute children have no opportunity to go to school or learn a trade. We have identified more than 600 orphans and vulnerable children in 9 communes in Benin. We offer to people of good will to the sponsor to help them go to school or learn a trade. Currently we are looking for sponsors for very intelligent orphans who need help. Choose the child you want to sponsor, we will send you information and addresses of the child. You can communicate with the child you are sponsoring. Photos of children are on our facebook page and on our websites.


3 - Health of children and women

Rural populations suffer from several diseases without heal, lack of means . We set up a health center where they can be treated easily.
We want to install other community health centers for the care of the poor.

We gather the children in a camp to educate and entertain them through educational games. We gather around a target (a project of common interest). We invite volunteers to come to this camp that we organize every year according to the means. You are invited to come to Benin Republic to actively participate in this camp. 
Come to register with our partner organization in Switzerland: Association Together for Africa (www.ensembleafrique.org) or visit our website to see how to participate in summer camp in Benin.

5 - Protection of women and children (legal and judicial assistance)
We educate women and children about their rights. We assist women and children who are in conflict with the law. We fight against child labor, against the worst forms of child labor, violence against women and children, etc. .

6 - Agricultural Production and processing of agricultural products
We produce food crops. The women's groups are trained and engaged in processing agricultural products such as cassava, soybean, corn, peanut, etc. This activity allows women to take charge.

7 - Sanitation
To preserve the health and the environment, we initiate children to the basics of sanitation. Awareness sessions are regularly organized with children to avoid pollution, some diseases, the environmental degradation, etc. You can help us in this task.

8 - Ensure good governance and development at the base
We control the implementation of development projects at the level of communes and districts. We need your expertise to succeed in this struggle.

Thank you for your support. Donations please to:
Association Ensemble pour l'Afrique
Quartier Pré-Fontaine 55, 1023 Crissier VD, Switzerland
Phone: +41 21 634 67 07

Account (compte postale/postal account): 
IBAN CH48 0900 0000 1024 4243 7 (payment from Switzerland to the postal account: 10-244243-7)
Ensemble pour l'Afrique, 1023 Crissier 
Remarks: AVO-Benin

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