May 11, 2012


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In Autumn I make tons of them. They are an healthy snacks for my children, delicious in cakes and last for a long time.


Peel, core and slice the apples into rings of about 0.5-0.8 mm thick.
Put them into the driers and let them dry for
5 hours: to get soft dried apples
7 hours: to get crispy apples

In autunno ne prepare moltissime. Sono uno spuntino sano per i miei bimbi, squisite nelle torte e durano nel tempo.


Pelare, togliere il torsolo e tagliare le mele a dischetti di 0.5-0.8 mm di spessore.
Metterle nell'essicatore facendo attenzione che non si sovrappongano e lasciar seccare per:

5 ore: per avere mele secche morbide
7 ore: per avere mele secche croccanti.

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  1. A food dehydrator? Great investment.

    1. Hi Yummychunklet,

      Dried apples (dried fruits) cost an arm and and a leg here and are mostly covered with the preservative sulphur dioxide, which I want to avoid.
      The dehydrator was so cheap that the year after I've started using it I had to get a second one to speed up the drying process (I've dried 40 kg (which I think should correspond to 88 lbs) of apples). Last Autum a great friend of mine gave us a lot of persimmons (kaki)and we dried them as well: sooo good!
      So yes, it is a great investment :-)
      Thank you do much for visiting and commenting.


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